Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 06.04.2015

вторник, 07 април 2015, 10:47

Press conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 06.04.2015

Dear citizens, dear representative of the Media,

The true face of Nikola Gruevski has been revealed, brought to light and confirmed by the material disclosed within the framework of the project “The truth about Macedonia”. Nikola Gruevski is dishonest and greedy. He broke laws, ordered and tolerated crimes, grabbed everything that came his way for himself, acting like a feudal lord – occupying whole parcels of land, detaching it from the people of Skopje for his benefit. All of this was done by Gruevski from the comfortable position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, a position which he maintained in a criminal manner. The audio evidence we have presented also revealed that the person occupying the very position by which he was supposed to care for the citizens, had no conscience, let alone compassion. We heard Gruevski personally savouring in the difficult destinies of individuals, which he personally participated in creating.


Today, dear citizens, we will bring to light one more face of Nikola Gruevski. Today we will depose one more of his masks. His most beloved mask of the “great patriot Nikola Gruevski”.

Today you will hear how politically deceitful and manipulative Gruesvksi is. From the recordings which we will disclose today at this press conference, you will be convinced that in order to remain in power, Nikola Gruevski is neither interested in the “Macedonian national interests” which he swears by in front of the Macedonian citizens, nor is he interested in his associates – from Ministers to Members of Parliament. You will hear how, without the blink of an eye, he throws his closest associates in the Government and the Members of Parliament from VMRO-DPMNE into the fire, in the coalition deals through which his only goal is to secure his Prime Ministerial position.

I refer to the period where the government coalition between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI was being negotiated and the deals made regarding the Hague cases in those negotiations.

A very direct question was put before Nikola Gruevski at that time: Is he participating in any such deals with DUI?

Before we begin, let’s remind ourselves of what Nikola Grievski was asserting when he gave an answer to this question.

Let’s also remind ourselves of Nikola Gruevski’s answer to the Hague cases, given in response to a parliamentary question from SDSM at a session of Parliament, when the responsibility for bringing the amnesty law for the Hague cases was placed on the Parliament by Nikola Gruevski.

At the time, he expressed regret for the events of 2001, but as Prime Minister, as he highlighted, he was obliged to accept, and I quote, “the decision of the Parliament, which was due to the reasons the Parliament clarified”. You will find it, his statement was carried by the Media.

Now then, respected citizens and representatives of the Media, let’s together hear the truth.

That is, let’s hear how meanly Gruevski lied. The truth is the opposite to both claims of Nikola Gruevski.

Nikola Gruevski personally made a deal with Ali Ahmeti to close the Hague cases with an amnesty. Gruevski personally ordered, so as to protect himself, that the whole procedure be transferred to the Parliament. You will hear how Gruevski personally managed this legally unfeasible procedure of amnesty, of which he is told by his associates, so that the burden is placed on the Members of Parliament and the Ministers - Members of Parliament from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE – because at that time the new Government was yet to be formed. That act cannot be interpreted through an authentic interpretation and to be defended with a law of amnesty.

From the very first set of recordings you will hear the personal admission of Nikola Gruevski how the negotiations with DUI concluded, as he states: “its my decision that it be done at once” (this relates to the amnesty of the Hague cases, use of language and the flag). You will from Gruevski personally that the decision for the Law of amnesty for the Hague cases is his, but also how in a calculative way he orders that the responsibility be transferred to the legislative-legal commission. It will become clear what Gruevski has agreed with Ahnmeti, and how his associates Zoran Stavreski and Gordana Jankulovska react to this.


In the second set of recordings, dear citizens, you will hear that precedence has occurred with regards to the Hague cases, as was agreed upon by Gruevski with Ahmeti. The Deputy in the Ministry of Justice, Biljana Briskovska, an associate of Gruevski, personally informs that the “recommendations from the Committee of torture exclude amnesty”.  You will also hear how Gruevski’s associates, being placed in a corner, do not want to put their signatures to the problematic authentic interpretation for the Hague cases, ordered by Gruevski, hence the need to come from the Government in order for the Parliament to bring the Law on amnesty. Even the most loyal of executioners of Gruevski, the then Minister of Justice Mihajlo Manevski, refused to sign a positive opinion.

In the third and final set of discussions for this press conference, dear citizens, you will hear clearly what the Members of Parliament are for Gordana Jankulovska, but also for the Speaker of Parliament Trajko Veljanovski – irrespective of whether they are from a Macedonian or Albanian nationality. Please forgive me for the need to hear this word. They were “Indians”. You will hear how Gruevski personally is managing the bringing of the Law of the Hague cases, because a quorum could not be obtained for the law to be passed. You will hear how Gruevski tells his secretary to urgently order the Members of Parliament and the Ministers-MP’s to show up at the Parliamentary session. He states: “If the Ministers tell you they have something else on – tell them NO, go there” – that’s what you should tell them. But you will also hear how Jankuloska  and Stavreski, aware that they are being set up, are discussing ways how to avoid showing up for the voting. Stavreski says: “I am not an idiot”, adding: “Pesevski will not show up for sure, he is on the beach somewhere in Greece”, while Jankuloska says of Gruevski: “ the Chief is also”.

From this listing of the voting for the Law of amnesty for the Hague cases, it can be seen that Zoran Stavreski nevertheless did not turn up to the session, and Gordana Jankulovska did not vote.

So here today, one more time, is the hypocrisy of Nikoal Gruesvki on the scene. But even clearer, here is the false patriot, Nikola Gruevski. Here is the manipulator of the political scene in the Republic of Macedonia – without a minimum of virtue of human and leadership courage, that which is the responsibility of a Prime Minister, to stand honestly in front of the citizens of Macedonia.

Now it is clear why Gruevski did not do this. This man was guided by outrageous selfishness, purely for his personal interests and nothing else.

In order to protect his personal rating, today you are witnesses to everything that he did.

Dear citizens,

It is not important which nationality you are, it is not important what your political orientation is. I suggest, as the awareness of this evil which is occurring in Macedonia becomes more prevalent, you, and all of us, courageously and decisively to stand with one another and put an end to the interest of Nikola Gruevski and his family. Let’s return, not only the interests of the State, but also our own freedom, rights and dignity.

We will not allow this evil to ever repeat.

We continue...