Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 01.04.2015

четврток, 02 април 2015, 18:38

Press conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 01/04/2015

Dear citizens, dear representatives of the media,

We have revealed a range of evidence which confirm anti constitutional and unlawful activities of Nikola Gruevski, his cousin Saso Mijalkov and a small group around them.


We revealed evidence which exposes the avarice, greed and crimes which Nikola Gruevski is prepared to do without the blink of an eye, when his personal interests are in question. Land parcels in the thousands of square meters, valued in the millions of Euros, off shore companies and apartments, for which Gruevski is well known for.

Today in front of the Macedonian public we reveal one more mega corruption scandal in Macedonia, and in the wider region, with the most direct, most concrete and most clear proof of classic corruption at the top of Government. We are referring to the corruption of the Director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (ASC), Saso Mijalkov. A part of the conversations, dear citizens, confirm that Nikola Gruevski himself is behind the mega scandal, who from the position of Prime Minister of Macedonia, has secured the realization of the criminally corrupt business in the country.

There is not talk in code in these audio recordings.

Here everything is as clear as daylight.

Here they are discussing the exact amount of money, with many zeroes at the end, which is to be paid as commission for procurements awarded, and which through Russia, Budapest .... end up with Saso Mijalkov.

Since the business is under the direct responsibility of Saso Mijalkov, you can presuppose what it relates to.

It relates to the procurement of equipment for the secret police of Macedonia, from Israel.

The business is negotiated by the Director of the ASC, Saso Mijalkov, through his right hand in this case, his associate Svetlana Kostova. On the Israeli side, the person who is negotiating and from whom Mijalkov receives the millions in commission is Haim Hakeyny, as is revealed in the conversations, from Israel.

What in fact happened?

In order to commence with the negotiations for the procurement from Israel, Saso Mijalkov demands from the Israeli Haim Hakeyny, commission of an unbelievable amount of half a million Euros. Just to continue the negotiations with the Isreali, he insists on receiving, to the Euro, the half a million he has demanded.

From the discussions which his associate Svetlana Kostova is holding in his name, faithfully carrying out the directives from Mijalkov, you will hear how the whole corrupt deal develops.

In the discussions in the audio recordings, the amounts of 500,000 Euros, three time by 900,000  Euros, 200,000 Euros and 840,000 Euros are mentioned.

At this point, we wish to remind you who Svetlana is – it is that associate of Mijalkov’s, who as you already heard in a previous press conference, is happily told that he has arranged for her to be appointed as a judge. Additionally scandalous in this whole case is that this person, Svetlana Kostova, even from the position of judge in the Administrative Court, continues to execute the dirty deals of the Director of the Agency for Security and Counterintelligence, Saso Mijalkov, relating to this corrupt case.

Listen in order to all of the discussions connected to this affair, which in the most direct manner reveal this impudent, criminal-corrupt scandal.


Apart for the audio evidence, dear citizens, there are other types of proof for this scandal.

There is evidence in the form of SMS messages, for SMS communication between Saso Mijalkov and the intermediary Svetlana Kostova and the Israeli Haim Hakeyny.

Here in one of the messages, it reveals that the Israeli has sent to Mijalkov 540,000 Euros, following which Mijalkov agrees to meet with him. The meeting is arranged and realized, after one month, in Skopje.

Here is what Kostova writes to Mijalkov, you can see for yourself on the video beam:

“Director, the friend sent 540,000 Euros today. Haim, as was agreed with you, will come again on the 12th May. Director, I would like to remind you that you will need to meet with Haim. He called me this morning to ask when the meeting with you will take place”.

Here is one more message. This message shows that 10 days after the meeting between the Israeli and Mijalkov in Skopje, under the obviously determined agreement, Haim Hakeyny transfers to Mijalkov, as per the agreed, another 840,000 Euros!

Here is the SMS communication between Kostova and the Israeli:

Svetlana writes:

“The Director gave the approval for the next payment”.

Haim replies:

“Good day. Thank you. I will inform tomorrow”.

After a few hours the Israeli conforms:

“Hello. I just sent 840,000. Best regards”.

He receives a reply from Svetlana:

“OK. I will inform the Director”.

Can you see what was happening?

That the Israeli Haim Hakeyny was a frequent visitor to Macedonia is shown in this document from his entry and exit from the country. He came to Macedonia, the day that he transferred the 540,000 Euros, on the 5th April. He left on the 6th April. The next key visit of the Israeli is, as had been agreed through the SMS messages, through Deve Bair, is on May 12. He had also come to Macedonia during the period in between. After the 12th May, the way for the new commission is opened, and on the 23rd of May, as you saw, the 840,000 Euros are paid, as part of the total commission that Saso Mijalkov had demanded - for the equipment for the secret police in Macedonia agreed upon in Israel. This occurs in the year 2011. However, this document reveals that the Israeli was a frequent visitor to our country from 2008 onwards.

In order to see how Nikola Gruevski is involved in all of this, we will go back to two recordings form the early press conferences. I refer to the discussions between Gordana Jankulovska and Zoran Stavreski, when Jankulovska is complaining that MOI is unable to even pay for its electricity usage, when Stavreski is asking her to cut her expenditures, where she states that she cannot cut anything “from those 850”. She could not cut because Gruevski, as she says, “told me 100 times not to touch there”!

The “850” which Jankulovska mentions, are the 850 million Denars, or near enough to 14,000,000 Euros, money belonging to the public, from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, from which the agreement was made, as you have now been made aware, for the commission to be paid to Mijalkov by the Israelis. There is also a conversation between Jankuloska and Mijalkov, which also confirms that nothing from these funds could be cut from the Budget .

Here are those discussions.

Dear citizens,

In recent days, the former head of the Agency for Security and Counterintelligence, Goran Mitevski, publicly asserted that the recordings are authentic and they were recorded with the monitoring equipment procured in 2008 from Israel.

At the same time, from what you heard today, it becomes clear that equipment was also procured in the year 2011.


The citizens of Macedonia paid near enough to 14,000,000 Euros for equipment which was purchased to be abused, to enable Gruevski and Mijalkov to enter the lives of all of us, so as to control the lives of the citizens of Macedonia. But the scandalous wire tapping was tied with another, unbelievably massive criminal corruption affair, in which the top echelons of the Government are involved, and which brings enormous shame for the Republic of Macedonia.

Dear citizens,

You can see that every subsequent press conference shows how dishonest these people are and with what crimes they are shaming the Republic of Macedonia. Money and power were the only things that mattered to Gruevski and Mijalkov, and everything else was just theatre for the people.

Let’s not allow this to ever happen again.

We continue.....