Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 26.03.2015

петок, 27 март 2015, 14:34

Press conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 26/03/2015

Dear Citizens, dear representatives of the media,

We promised the whole truth of the evil deeds done to our people and our country would be revealed for all to see. We have shown that to now and we will continue to do so.


Today, the domestic and international public is more than aware that there is no freedom and democracy in Macedonia, that European values have been wholly destroyed.

To now, among other, we showed how dishonest Nikola Gruevski was when it came to his own personal interest. He bought huge, attractive parcels of land on Vodno, valued in the millions of Euros and hid behind off shore companies formed for his purposes.

With what you will hear and see today you will realise that the parcels and the off shore companies are only a small part of the dishonesty of Nikola Gruevski and his megalomaniac appetites.

Today we will witness the cruel and bitter truth that will confirm that all these years, Gruevski, under whose order citizens are fined and imprisoned at every step in the name of justice and the law, is actually the one for whom neither the law, constitution or conscience exists.

Today we will all bear witness how Gruevski negotiated percentages and kick backs in the millions of Euros, how he made unlawful interventions in tender procedures, favoured and arranged which companies would be awarded tenders, set up people to break the law without any conscience – all for his own personal goals and interests – and how he stole millions of Euros of the public’s money through tenders for the railways and road highways.

The first discussion you will hear at today’s press conference is between Nikola Gruevski and the Director of REK Bitola, Vlado Chingovski. From this discussion, you will hear how Gruevski personally set up tenders which were to be won by one of the owners of the television stations helping his act of maintaining power – the owner of Sitel television, Goran Ivanovski. How Gruevski and Chingovski arranged help for the “guy from Kratovo”, to form a “consortium” and for “everyone to be happy”. It relates to a tender for the mining of coal in Bitola, which the owner of Sitel is supposed to be awarded, because, as Gruevski states, “you know why the guy from Kratovo is very important”.

In the first discussion you will see why one of the bigger businessmen in the country gives statements to the media about “how good” the state of the economy in Macedonia is. That’s the businessman Seat Kocan, who, according to our information is a very good friend of Gruevski’s and one of those with whom, in the words of Gruevski, they have excellent cooperation with.

Here is that discussion.


The person KB is Kirli Bozinovski, secretary general of the Government and the party VMRO-DPMNE. So you don’t waste your time finding out who Gruevski is referring to.

The next two conversations reveal how Gruevski is preparing the ambience for awarding the tender for the railway Kumanovo-Beljakovce, how he talks in code about the companies, using the first letters of the country’s from which they originate: Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Austria. You will hear how Nikola Gruevski, personally, during the phase of review of the documentation, intends to “get in touch with some” and wants to be sure which one, as he says, “can fix it”.


The next two conversations will show very clearly the duress which Nikola Gruevski’s associates are placed under, even when it is one of the obedient executioners as is Mile Janakieski.

Listen to what sort of pressure Gruevski is placing on Janakieski, so that an unlawful document for the change of the building facade of EVN and Citi Gallery into a baroque facade is signed. How far Gruevski’s crudeness goes is shown by his persistence over Janakieski, persuading him that it won’t be Janakieski who will be drawn into any criminal act, that “that person” form the Municipality of Centar will make the decision, but that nevertheless they should hide from her that what she will be doing is unlawful.

Here are these conversations.

What you have heard is unlawful and scandalous.

But the next few conversations, dear citizens, will reveal to the public one of the largest financial corruption scandals as is hitherto unseen in our country, and even in the wider region.

I will start the introduction for that which will follow by going back to the discussion between Stavreski and Jankuloska, in which Stavreski reacts to the agreement with the Chinese for the construction of the highways Miladinovci-Stip and Kicevo-Ohrid.

Here is that part of the conversation.

There is no tender procedure for this enormous financial project worth exactly 580 million Euros, but rather the decision was made through the ratification of a Law in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. Under such circumstances, when there is no tender and an agreement can be reached in four eyes with the company-executioner of the projects, Gruevski steps on the scene. Once the construction of the highway Miladinovci-Stip has been made with the same company, for 206 million Euros – money on credit which our people will have to repay, that is each and every one of us, dear citizens, then Nikola Gruevski personally goes into action with that company to also agree on the highway Kicevo-Ohrid.

Even though the projections of the Agency for Roads is 270 million Euros for the highway Kicevo-Ohrid, nevertheless under the direction of Gruevski, the Minister Mile Janakieski, the Vice Premier Vladimir Pesevski and the secretary general of the Government, Kiril Bozinovski, are making agreements for the construction of the highway Kicevo-Ohrid, to the tune of 373 million Euros. That’s 103 million Euros more than the projections of the Agency for Roads of the Republic of Macedonia.

But, that is not the only successful deed of Gruevski in this project. Gruevski succeeds to ensure that the contract is again given to the same company, which already has the agreement for the construction of the highway Miladinovci-Stip, and as he states himself, “in the same manner and under the same conditions”.

Those conditions are 5 percent of the project or between 15 and 18 million Euros kick backs and that just for the highway Kicevo-Ohrid, and from both highways combined, as he himself says in the discussions “in the same manner and under the same conditions”, in total more than 25 million Euros.

The discussions which follow reveal how preparations are made, plans, negotiations with the Chinese, lasting to the late hours of the night, and the negotiators Gruevski and his associates are very persistent in the negotiations, but also “successful” when it comes to their own personal interests.

Here are the conversations – the proof of a humongous theft in Macedonia.

Here are the 11 conversations.

As you can hear toward the end, with just one company, in the most dishonest manner, they are agreeing the well prepared plan, for all of this, in the finishing stage, to be verified through the ratification of a law in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, for the realization of the two highways, with the company which is in the documents.

Here is the law which the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia brought on the 25th October 2013, which confirms the selection of this company and the award of the two contracts, in the amount of 206 million Euros for the highway Miladinovci-Stip and 373 million Euros for the highway Kicevo-Ohrid.

In conclusion, at this press conference we will release one conversation between Mile Janakieski and his wife, in which, we remind you, there is nothing of a personal nature, but it does very directly show what a person can be turned into, when he is an obedient executioner and implementer of Gruevski’s dirty plans, committed days and nights to the realization of the megalomaniac and astray goals of Nikola Gruevski.

Listen to the last recording for today

Do we need more proof for all of us to understand what type of an actor is leading the country for 9 whole years? What else do we need to reveal to understand what in fact is hiding behind “the face and deeds” of Nikola Gruevski?!

With his own voice, through telephone discussions, Nikola Gruevski showed everyone his true face.

That’s why he is scared.

He is scared from himself and from his own associates. He is scared from the People.

And he should be scared. It is over!

Nikola Gruevski, you still have a chance to leave by yourself and to free Macedonia from its suffering.

To the supporters of VMRO-DPMNE, do such people deserve your continued support?

Dear citizens,

Even before the revelations of the Truth about Macedonia, it was clear what was happening to our country. This process has only confirmed this.

Let us never allow this to ever repeat!

This is still only a part of the evidence of the Truth about Macedonia.

We continue.....