Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 23.03.2015

вторник, 24 март 2015, 14:18

Press conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 23/03/2015

Dear citizens, Dear representatives of the media,

The entire public in our country, in Europe, and wider, is following the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia, all the occurrences and all the proofs which reveal the huge and hitherto unseen abuses on the part of a government, as is being done in this case, by the Government of Nikola Gruevski.


It has become clear who is responsible for the nine year languish of the state - that Macedonia and its citizens are hostage to a small group, who are governing for their own personal interest, Gruevski and his criminal associates.

If this occurred in any other country, albeit with a minimum democracy, the whole Government would have resigned, apologized to the people and would have withdrawn from political life.

But that can be done only by persons of dignity, who posses at a minimum conscience and morality.

Gruevski is not only not such a person, but in order to save his own skin, as we can all attest to, he is continuing to lie in the most insolent manner, to manipulate and he even has the courage to issue threats.

He has the audacity to call for accountability and to issue threats?!

That same Gruevsk with a few of his associates, united solely for personal goals and interests, broke the constitution, the law, and toyed with people and destinies….

Now he is encircling Macedonia playing on two cards, pleading “I am not like that, I have gained experience, give me a new chance”, and issuing threats, if what he is pleading is not accepted. But his threats will not come to pass and he knows that.

Gruevski does not want to understand that the people no longer have faith nor trust in him as a result of everything he did to the citizens of Macedonia and to 450,000 people who, because of his policies and malice, were forced to leave their country of birth. He is left only with the enforced support from those who are dependent on their daily bread and those who have a financial interest in his survival.

We promised that we will no longer allow Nikola Gruevski to lie to the people, to manipulate the citizens nor to steal, that we would fully disrobe his true, crude and criminal behavior.

Today you will hear concretely how Gruevski is lying about the scandals he is trying to cover up.

Here is the release, behind which Gruevski is hiding from the citizens, in which he had the audacity to “deny” that he owns land plots for construction and property about which the citizens did not know.

Today we will reveal discussions in which Gruevski is contradicting Gruevski!

All the 6 audio recordings which follow are between Nikola Gruevski and his executioner Mile Janakievski.

In these recordings, Gruevski personally, is concisely agreeing with Janakievski how big and where the parcel on Vodno will be, in the name of a company from Belize, where the managing director is his best man – and he is seeking that: “it be extended upwards”, is interested in the “highest point”, wants nobody to be “above him”, is seeking a “road” that leads directly to his parcel, is trading with parcels, close to the house of Todorovik on Vodno, and how it is important to him that “it be sorted out by April”, and so on…

Hear for yourselves.


If this is not Nikola Gruevski, then which Gruevski is it? No, this is Nikola Gruevski on whose order a green zone and recreational land of Skopje on Vodno, became land for construction. From the new Detailed Urban Plan which Gruevski is trying to enact by force, it can be seen that it encompasses a plan for buildings, in the name of the company from Belize, a 14,500 square meter area, which at today’s market value is worth 17,000,000 Euros!

For the dishonest Gruevski, here is one more example. Do you recall Gruevski’s response for the evil done upon the multi million Euro investment, the capital object “Kosmos” for the purpose of revenge?

Here is his statement:

(Recording of Gruevski statement to the media regarding Kosmos).

There is a people’s proverb that says: “He who lies also steals”, but we will leave the stealing to another occasion.

Listen now to two new discussions in which Gruevski is contradicting Gruevski, this time in relation to Kosmos.

In these discussions Gruevski admits to Janakieski that he lied to Fiat Canoski that they found errors in the construction, whereas Mile Janakievski even suggests that “they find faults” so that the whole burden falls on the back of Fiat Canoski against whom the act of revenge is directed. All of this is with the purpose to extricate from responsibility the Mayors of Gazi Baba and Skopje, Tony Trajkovski and Koce Trajanovski, because it was they that gave the construction approvals to build in accordance with the law, which Nikola Gruevski and Mile Janakieski are destroying.

Gruevski is caught in a predicament. He is desperately lying. He has problems. His face has become like a sole. But just as every sole, he too has a use by date. And once the sole enters the drill bit, as the drill bit of truth now is coming to the surface, it becomes unusable.

Dear citizens,

This is the “honesty” of Gruevski and these are his quasi commitments to the rebirth of the country.

Neither honesty, nor rebirth, or dedication for the good of the citizens. He has lied to the whole of Macedonia for years. He was greedy and destroyed people’s destinies.

It is finished Nikila Gruevski!

Don’t make Macedonia suffer any more.

Resign and allow your associates to do the same.

Proof of many illegal and criminal activities will follow. There is no end to their dishonest and dirty games. The telephone discussions revealed thus far and those which will follow in the period to come, are not only a mammoth reason for resignations, but for the departure of Gruevski and the group around him from the political scene.

Dear citizens,

The most ghastly pages of Macedonia’s history have been written.

We will not allow new ghastly pages to be written.

We will not allow this to ever repeat.

We continue….