PRESS CONFERENCE: Member of Parliament Pance Orcev - 18.03.2015

четврток, 19 март 2015, 16:26

Press Conference, SDSM
Pance Orcev, Member of Parliament
Strumica, 18.03.2015

Dear citizens and representatives of the media,

The project “Truth about Macedonia”, as the most patriotic act for saving the state and restoring freedom, democracy and justice to our homeland, is now decentralized so that the truth reaches each and every person in all parts of the country.


Following the Municipality of Centar, today we are in Strumica, a sore point of Nikola Gruevski, the town which  - despite their numerous foul and undemocratic criminal activities - they were never able to conquer.

We knew that they had pursued classical and brutal abuse of power.

Today, the citizens of Strumica will be convinced – directly from Nikola Gruevski and his close associates – of what they have engaged in for the purpose of winning the elections. How they have pressured citizens, harassed companies, toyed with our fellow Roma citizens – all in the name of their unquenched desire to defeat Mayor Zoran Zaev and once and for all put Strumica under their control.

Today, you will witness the incredible obsession with that desire; the array of legal violations they have committed - all for the purpose of winning the elections which, to their misfortune and to our fortune, they lost.

Some of the recordings have already been played at the previous press conference held by SDSM President Zaev, but most of them will be played for the first time.

In the first batch, comprised of 6 telephone conversations, you will hear:

1. Mile Janakieski and somebody called Gjoko from the Public Revenue Office, on the recommendation from PRO’s Director Goran Trajkovski, arranging inspections in the Turkish neighbourhood, which should serve the purpose of pressuring the local population;

2. Spiro Ristovski ordering new rounds of inspections from Janakieski, while the Minister of Transport brags about his successful action in Novo Selo, and how they themselves admit to crimes  committed by their party members;

3. PRO’s Director Goran Trajkovski bragging about the harassment of Strumica-based shop owners and businessmen, with draconian fines in the amount of 4,800 EUR, while Janakieski takes pleasure in their - I quote - “screams and yells”, as they agree inspections to be organized for 4 shops in the Turkish neighbourhood;

4. Pressures exerted on citizens of Strimuca and instigated by VMRO-DPMNE’s MP Slave Gosev;

5. Daily briefings on the number of market, labour and tax inspections in Strumica and the link between Janakieski and Gjoko Klicev, concerning the wholesale centre for agriculture produce “Agricor”;
6. Silvana Boneva’s admission that companies and citizens have been racketeered, while Nikola Gruevski makes an attempt to distinguish between racketeering or – to use his words – “sponsorship”, as the latter would mean “you ask them if they can help”.
Here is the first package of recordings.


The second batch comprised of 5 conversations features:

7. Minister Janakieski’s arrangement for issuance of 300 IDs with the Commander of the Sector on Internal Affairs in Strumica, Marjan Nakovski;

8. The abovementioned Nakovski acknowledging that the prosecutor is one of THEIRS!

9. Jankulovska instructing the MP Vasil Pisev not to endorse the electoral committee’s minutes in places where election results are tight, so they could later bring voters out “by their ears”;

10. Same orders being issued by MP Slave Gosev;

11. Jankuloska’s hopes that in the second round of balloting they would “achieve a difference by several thousand [votes]”.
Here are the next 5 conversations.

The third batch of taped conversations concerns the repeated balloting on the last local elections in Strumica and the attempt on the part of VMRO-DPMNE’s top management to turn their electoral defeat into victory.

12. You will directly hear Nikola Gruevski bragging to their media trumpet, Dragan Pavlovik Latas, that they have “screwed over” Mayor Zaev, notably by having secured the support from Menduh Taci’sDPA;

13. Gruevski’s cousin and Director of ASCI, Saso Mijalkov asking Taci’s support in the State Election Commission to have a revote in Strumica;

14. Servitude on the part of Taci by immediately delivering on the above request by calling their member in SEC, Bedredin Ibraimi.

15. Then, my dear citizens, you will hear Jankuloska and Janakieski jumping with joy over the repeat balloting in Strumica and their agreement to move forward by “stomping harder”, even having “the entire Government” pooling forces and attending the repeated balloting in Strumica;

16. Finally, a conversation between Jankuloska and the General Secretary of the Government Kiril Bozinovski, that reveals full and utter abuse of the police for party and election goals.

In the next two conversations, you will hear:

17. Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov engaging in discussions about the manner in which they will present the election process to the public, i.e. whether or not to acknowledge the incidents on the Election day.

18. Jankuloska’s conversation with Zoran Stavreski in which she admits that the gun-firing incident had been caused by their party member, who is the husband of the Director of the Strumica prison, and their attempts to downplay it as firing from a “gas gun”.
In continuation, listen to these two conversations.

At the end of this press conference, we will play a conversation the contents of which is outside the topic on electoral criminal irregularities in Strumica.

Nevertheless, this conversation deserves the attention of the entire public as it provides major proof of the control exerted by Gruevski and his associates over the highest ranking people in the judiciary system in Republic of Macedonia.

This astounding conversation took place in 2011 between Minister Janakieski and the then President of the Supreme Court, Jovo Vangelovski! Their discussion concerns the case “Global”.

Impermissibly, the President of the Supreme Court is having a  conversation with the man who, by the very nature of his office, is one of the parties in the “Global” case.

This is how  “independent” the judiciary in Macedonia is. This “independent” judiciary was the sole creator of the “Global” case. It is now clear as to whether the case “Global” should have been commenced at all, that is, it was a case created by Gruevski’s government, the same government that today, through the media they control, is manipulating the public with Zoran Zaev’s abolition.

Such shenanigans agreed between the President of the highest judiciary body tasked with protecting the rights of citizens and a Minister in the government is unheard of even in totalitarian states worldwide!

The “drill bit” of truth penetrated through and shattered to pieces all fictitious stories of Nikola Gruevski and his associates and the atrocities they have committed, all for the purpose of maintaining themselves in power.

Dear citizens,

What we have presented is a just a small portion of the evidence that exists, but they still prove and demonstrate that there is no democracy, justice and freedom in the Republic of Macedonia.

What you have witnessed today from the telephone conversations played, has already been deeply felt by the majority of our fellow citizens, workers, farmers, businessmen, pensioners, and social allowance beneficiaries.

They unmask the last move on the part of Nikola Gruevski in Strumica, aimed at deepening the political crisis in the state. In an attempt to save their own skins, he ordered the municipal councillors from VMRO-DPMNE to demonstratively leave the Municipal Council meeting in order to contest its legitimacy, and thereby contest the three consecutive electoral victories of the Mayor of Strumica, Zoran Zaev.

I’m here to tell them NO, if the elections had been fair and democratic, Zoran Zaev would have won them by a landslide! Today’s evidence on electoral frauds makes that fact crystal clear.

The Truth about Macedonia and the so-called “bombs” detonated by Zoran Zaev and SDSM, do not demolish the state, but will tumble down those in power who are systematically destroying all state values and fundamental human rights.

We will not stop here.

The Truth about Macedonia must reach each and every fellow citizen, must travel each foot of our Macedonia.

Only by doing so, we can save our homeland and be able to breathe freely, move freely and speak freely.

We will not allow this evil to be repeated again.

We continue to publish the Truth about Macedonia.