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Press Conference, SDSM
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 15.03.2015

Dear citizens and media representatives,

Each press conference organized as part of “The Truth about Macedonia” project, reveals yet another face of Nikola Gruevski - one that he is so desperately trying to keep hidden from the public.


He demonstrated cruelty, mendacity, unaccountability and took part in electoral frauds… and a myriad of other atrocities. He intercepted communications of thousands of citizens!

Today, we reveal Nikola Gruevski’s dishonesty, his avariciousness and things he has done and got involved in - all for the purpose of promoting his personal interests.

After this press conference, there will not be a single shadow of doubt as to why detailed urban plans (DUP) in the Municipality of Centar had to be so frantically changed, at any cost; what do they so shrewdly conceal in addition to the Panorama Residence project; who had ordered changes to detailed urban plans and whose personal interest benefited therefrom! After this press conference, everybody will be aware of dramatic developments around the President of the Municipal Council in Centar, Miroslav Sipovik! Why Nikola Gruevski and his cousin SasoMijalkov, as you heard at the previous press conference, have done everything in their power, from strong-arming councillors in the Municipality of Centar to attempting bribe offers! Why Gruevski invalidated the balloting in the Municipality of Centar! What was the purpose behind pre-ordered complaints and what was the meaning of his sentence uttered in a conversation you already heard whereby he said that they have “to finish some matters in Centar”!

Dear citizens,

All of this has been done to satisfy Nikola Gruevski’s megalomaniac appetites. He had no measure of enough. Four apartments did not suffice. He got his hands on countless square meters by means of shady transactions. There was no additional house that would make him content.

You surely remember the scandals surrounding the adoption of two contentious urban plans in the Municipality of Centar: one for the location called Tasino Cesmice 1 and the other for the location Kapistec – Vodno.

The first urban plan encompasses the disputable Panorama Residence and 10-storey skyscrapers.

However, the second urban plan conceals something else. It relates to two very attractive locations Nikola Gruevski had his eyes on and succeeded to grab them for himself. Today, they are worth more than 5,000,000 EUR.

On the first location, at the end of St. Pitu Guli, land plots no. 1309/13, 1309/16, 1309/5, 1309/8 were designated as D3, i.e. land for sports and recreation. Under the draft of the new urban plan, subject of adoption at the infamous sessions of the Municipal Council in Centar, they were to be converted into land plots designated for family housing UNDER SPECIAL REGIME.

Here is the old DUP. Here is the DUP they wanted to adopt.

Except for Orce Kamcev’s company “Kara”, land title lists also indicate the infamous off-shore company “Eksiko”.

Here are the land title documents where you can see the actual land owner.

On a different location within the same urban plan, Kapistec – Vodno, another change had been made in the area above the Panorama Residence project. Under the first DUP, this location was assigned to be “green area”, without designation of construction developments. Here is the first DUP.

The second DUP they wanted to forcefully adopt includes three designations on construction developments, i.e. houses. Here is the second DUP.

Construction developments are anticipated for cadastre plots no. 1926/4 and 1926/5, in total area of more than 11 thousand square meters. The title lists show that the land is owned by “Sirah Engineering”, whose founder and 100% owner is the company “Sirah Ltd” from Belize, which is yet another off-shore company. Here, it should be pointed out that the company’s manager is Gruevski’s best man from his first marriage, Risto Novacevski, whose sister worked and probably still works in the Cabinet of Nikola Gruevski, while Novacevski appears as a holder of several public offices. You can check this fact by yourselves.

“Sirah Engineering” is registered with founding capital in the amount of 1,300,000 EUR! This is clearly indicated in the legal entity’s document on current status.

Let’s go back to the project “The Truth about Macedonia”. Today, we will present audio recordings that will confirm two very important things: Gruevski’s dishonesty, and the people behind the registered off-shore companies for the sole purpose of protecting and concealing their actual owner.

Today, we unmask Gruevski’s insatiability for purchasing enormous land plots.

The audio recordings will disclose how “honest” Gruevski had been when it comes to his personal interests.

Nikola Gruevski has gone to great lengths to hide from the public his insatiable appetites. How he even rode around in the infamous van, in the company of high representatives from the executive branch of government, in search of locations. He had been arranging the division of plots into smaller parts to conceal their actual size. You will hear Gruevski struggling to speak in codes, and you will ask yourselves why the Prime Minister needs to speak in codes on the phone.

Today you will hear 6 conversations that provide evidence about Gruevski’s greed, not only for purchasing apartments or land plots on Vodno, but also for obtaining land with an area of 2,700 square meters and later 11,000 square meters!



This is the true face of Nikola Gruevski who doesn’t miss an opportunity to pledge honesty before the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.


He had ordered changes to detailed urban plans in the Municipality of Centar. The same Gruevski who pressured VMRO-DPMNE members to protest and instigate fights in front of the municipal building, allegedly for having the church in downtown Skopje constructed, while they actually demolished the municipal building in the name of his property.

Just as he lied to party members that they are fighting to protect the church in Centar, Nikola Gruevski continues to lie both to VMRO-DPMNE members and to citizens that he has not ordered interception of their communications, alleging that the atrocious act had been done by secret services with malevolent intentions against Macedonia.

Today, after having forced party members and public administration employees to attend his rally, instead of justifying himself with his alleged honesty, Nikola Gruevski should explain to the people:

-Why is he speaking in code, if communications have not been monitored? What kind of Prime Minister is he if he must resort to coded language?

An honest person would have admitted that he and his cousin Mijalkov are wiretapping citizens and that is why they are using codes in their communication.

An honest person would take courage and would explain: the rides in vans across Skopje; the division of land plots; the connection with the companies from Belize and Lugano; and the land on Vodno he intended to shield from the public’s eyes by erecting retaining walls.

Once again, Gruevski is hiding his property, just as he did with his 4 apartments.

Be that as it may, there is no need for Gruevski to hide anything, anymore, or to confess his crimes.

Everything is clear. It’s over, Gruevski!

The resignation by Gruevski and his government and the establishment of a transitional government is the only solution to the crisis in the Republic of Macedonia.

Dear citizens, we must not allow this evil to be repeated ever again.

We will continue to disclose the Truth about Macedonia.