The Truth about Macedonia: The Opposition Demands Immediate Resignations

четврток, 12 март 2015, 16:11

The Social Democratic Union leader, Zoran Zaev, called on the government to resign immediately after releasing new conversations between top officials of the ruling party organizing various forms of wide-spread election fraud.
The Social Democrats presented the latest material to several thousand people in the packed Universalna Concert Hall in the centre of Skopje. A large crowd outside, who could not get in the hall, followed the event on screens, while more than 40,000 people watched the live streaming of the event.
"This government has no more legitimacy," SDUM leader said. "This government is no longer the Macedonian government. Gruevski’s Government must resign immediately, the Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski must resign immediately and the managing team of the Macedonian Radio and Television (the public broadcaster criticized for strong partisan bias in favor of governing parties n.a.) should resign immediately!"

President also called for the creation of an Interim government with a mandate to pave ground for free and fair elections and ensure full separation of the ruling parties from the institutions, as well as for clear and transparent investigation of the phone-tapping scandal with involvement of the international community.
Zaev promised that all documents will be handed over to the new Public Prosecutor, as the materials currently in SDSM’s possession are owned by the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens. Then and only then can there be legal closure to the case and conditions for due process will be met.

Zaev reiterated that everything that has been disclosed so far is true, confirming that Gruevski and Mijalkov shattered the constitutional order of Macedonia, creating a para-state by instituting their own and personal police, judiciary and prosecution.
“We will not allow the destabilization of Macedonia. Gruevski, it’s over,” Zaev added, promising to continue with the revelations of the Truth about Macedonia.