Press Conference: Mayor of municipality of Centar Andrej Zernovski - 12.03.2015

петок, 13 март 2015, 15:38

Mayor of municipality of Centar Andrej Zernovski 12.03.2015


Dear citizens,

We all saw the “menial people from Pustec walking hand-in-hand”, they were indicated in OSCE’s Election Monitoring Report, but more recently, we also heard – personally from the mouth of Gruevski and his associates – about the pivotal role played by these “little people” in the Municipality of Centar.


For Gruevski and Mijalkov, and for their entire team, the Municipality of Centar was the most sacred local government prize, where power can and must be won. Firstly because of the Skopje 2014 project worth more than a half billion euros, but also for the purpose of concealing the crimes they have committed, which we duly noted in the reports presented to the Public Prosecutor, but unfortunately, have not received any response therefrom.

After this press conference, everything will become clearer to all of us: the lengths that Gruevski, Mijalkov and a handful of their associates have gone to during the first round of voting in order to ensure subsequent rounds, and the lengths they have gone to after Gruevski’s lost the local elections in the Municipality of Centar, despite his “menial people”.

Today, we will disclose new evidence on abuses and violations on the part of Nikola Gruevski’s government, INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BRIBE MUNICIPAL COUNCILLORS, in order to block the Municipal Council, after it had become clear that Gruevski’s candidate lost the elections in the Municipality of Centar.

The first two conversations include:

1. One of the many examples of phantom voters, whom even Jankuloska has trouble registering, and Gordana Jankuloska’s creativity in making up excuses not to accept the meeting I have scheduled with her about the voters list, in particular because of obvious manipulations they have committed.

2. Actions on the part of Mile Janakieski, Minister of Transport and Communications, to control the operation of building elevators and to order the switching-off of power supply to elevators, thus preventing elderly citizens to come down from “the 15th floor” and vote.

Listen to the first two recordings. 


The next batch of conversations reveal all the unimaginable things, as they say among themselves, that Gruevski and his associates have done, after they have disputed my electoral victory, by ordering their members in election committees to invalidate ballots in the first round of voting, and the fact that it took them two more rounds of voting to realize that they stand no chance of winning in Centar.

3. You will hear that Janakieski and Mijalkov did not need elevators to hit rock bottom. Janakieski insinuates “lockdown” of buildings and people living in the vicinity of Bristol because they have made “a huge difference [in votes]”.

4. You will hear Janakieski and the Deputy Minister of Justice arranging access to signed voters’ lists, for the purpose of verifying which citizens turned out at polling stations and which citizens did not, so that they can pressure them.

5. You will hear Janakieski and the President of the City of Skopje Council arranging an operation to pressure teachers, by instructing them to secure more votes for VMRO-DPMNE.

6. You will hear Gruevski’s regretful conclusion that “with the people from Prespa they would have had the job done”.

7. You will hear Gruevski and Mijalkov ordering invalidation of ballots in Centar for the purpose of securing a second round of voting.

Some of these conversations have been abridged, since their unabridged versions was disclosed at the public assembly called “electoral theft”, but you should nevertheless hear them as they are a witness to what has happened during the local elections.

Dear citizens,

The last batch of conversations will reveal what all of us have been supposing: after three rounds of voting, which seemed to be an inferno for Gruevski and his associates, and after their final electoral defeat, they engaged in activities to erase evidence from computers in the municipal administration. They have gone as far as resorting to offering bribes!

Here is the last batch of four conversations that feature:

8. Gruevski’s unnerving attempt to pressure Todorovic into not admitting the electoral defeat, although they have lost the elections.

9. A conversation between Jankuloska and an officer from the municipal administration in Centar for arranging deletion, and I quote, “of everything from computer hard-disks”.

10. TheGovernment’s biggest propagator, Dragan Pavlovik- Latas promising Saso Mijalkov that they will put me in the “grinder” after my election as mayor, and you will hear them conspiring the manners in which they will secure a majority in the Municipal Council for the purpose of blocking its operation and blocking the operations of the municipality in general.

11. Finally, you will hear the failed attempt conspired by Mile Janakieski and Saso Mijalkov to legalize the house of one municipal councillor, and even pay for the legalization, if deemed necessary, in the amount of “200-300 thousand” as they say, which constitutes a textbook attempt for bribery!

Dear citizens and media representatives,

After all this, I do not know how much more evidence we need to understand who we are dealing with.

Their electoral fraud failed in the Municipality of Centar because the citizens opposed it, resolutely and decisively. Unfortunately, this is a model that yielded results in other parts of the state, a model applied not only on the local elections, but on other elections as well.

One thing is crystal clear: Gruevski and his associates have no legitimacy to lead this government and to govern this state.

At the end, I would like to reiterate that the solution to this crisis is the resignation by Gruevski, the resignation by the Public Prosecutor Zvrlevski, the resignation by the management team at MRTV and the establishment of a transitional government that will organize fair and democratic elections in the Republic of Macedonia.