Speech: President Zoran Zaev - 10.03.2015

среда, 11 март 2015, 15:30

Speech by Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM, delivered at the public assembly “The Truth about Macedonia- Electoral Theft”, held on 10.03.2015.

Dear citizens, friends and fellows,

Could someone have imagined that the time will come when in our Macedonia we would all bear witness to such an infernally brash, unsparingly cruel reality?!


A reality where everything is for sale! Including children, and even human destinies?!

A reality in which this insatiable, hypocritical and false government, that is stealing the public’s money, has also stolen that which cannot be bought – the future?

While no one  among the citizens had even thought that they could be put in such a perversely painful reality without the people’s will, these brutes – Nikola Gruevski, Saso Mijalkov and a handful of their associates – have seemingly not considered the fact that “the drill bit” referred to by Nikola Gruevski would ultimately find its right path.

For nine whole years, the “drill bit” was strenuously turning – and here it is today, right in front of his face.

Nikola Gruevski, what should we do now with your “drill bit”?!

You placed it in the hands of the people, hoping that their palms will sweat, but you omitted a major human factor – conscience.

It is that conscience, friends, that has unmasked this wolf-man hiding in sheep’s clothing.

His true face was revealed by the conscience of conscientious people, who have put their lives in jeopardy, to save Macedonia from his family’s gambling habits.

Patriots in the Republic of Macedonia secured the documents and the evidence.

They have shown what it means to be a true patriot, dear citizens!

I would like you to pay respects to these courageous people to whom we owe the Truth about Macedonia!

Today, I will reveal one new truth.

You will recall when I called upon Gruevski, in the midst of the election campaign, to say in public whether there are special investigation measures against the leader of the opposition? I’m sure you remember. Yesterday marked the passing of one year since that call was made. To this day, Gruevski has not answered my question. In the meantime, they moved to an advance stage and during the last year I have been under special investigation measures.

Their intent was to do to me the same that they did to brother Ljube: to plant a businessman providing money for the campaign. It’s been a year spent on futile efforts on their part to plant the money. It’s been an entire year! Yesterday marked the end of that one year period. Last week, upon the urgent insistence of Gruevski and Mijalkov, the businessman in question had been asked to intensify his efforts, in a desperate act to save them, to find a way to somehow hand over the money. Yesterday, together with the Secretary of the Municipality of Strumica and the Chief of Cabinet for the Mayor of Strumica, we compiled the Minutes, reported and archived this case.

I called this businessman this morning at around half past nine and told him: you should be ashamed of yourself, you are a grandfather, you have a grandson! You have been trying to plant evidence for one year now, all this time you have been trying to set me up, you should be ashamed! Well, this person is not a protected witness to have his identity hidden, as was the case with Ljube Boskovski’s court trial. This man is called Ivo Secevaliev from Strumica, owner of the company “Ivo”.

And the people who have shown that the system is in shambles owing to the brash and insolent governance of Nikola Gruevski, those who by the end of last week provided me with this information, deserve to be called Macedonian patriots.

I ask you to applaud and encourage them! To continue to love their homeland!

Because, at the end of the day, there is only one Macedonia: it pains us thoroughly, but captivates our hearts at the same time.

I am again sending the message to everyone who loves their country, but has been under pressure and blackmail, to take courage! The documents and the evidence these people obtained and entrusted us with, and saved the same from possible destruction, have crushed Gruevski’s “Coup”, just as his last effort for a set-up today and yesterday, in an attempt to save his head, has also failed.

The two cousins had great ambitions. They thought they would be able to wretchedly and eternally rule with our present, past and future!

What a paradox of the “great” Macedonians Gruevski and Mijalkov. They are not “little Macedonians”! For that they needed “little people” to - in 100 steps - hold up their false, polystyrene-made and plaster-casted, golden-sprayed thrones from which they played “Big Brother”.

It has been wisely said: what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

Nobody has ever avoided Judgment Day and that day will come.

People will judge them first. They will judge them for having stolen their voice God has entrusted them with, for having stolen their future, which is their birthright.

Then, each and every piece of evidence and argument will be handed over to the new Public Prosecutor, the Macedonian Alberto Nisman and the new judges, the Macedonian Falcone and Borsellino, you know them, the people who cleaned up crimes in Italy. The documents and the evidence we present in public are the property of the Republic of Macedonia and of its citizens.

Then, the institutions of the system will have to answer the questions about the legal resolution of this entire case and process.

Dear citizens,

Each and every letter in the disclosed documentation, each and every word uttered in the wiretapped conversations IS TRUE!

Gruevski and Mijalkov have crushed the constitutional order in the Republic of Macedonia.

Upon those ruined foundations, Gruevski and Mijalkov built a quasi-state, where VMRO-DPMNE is everything: police, prosecution, judiciary and destiny!

I’ll be straightforward.

There is no going back from here!

This Government is no longer legitimate!

This Government is no longer the Government of the Republic of Macedonia!

From this podium, in the name of the Social Democratic Union and its coalition partners, I demand:

- The immediate resignation of Nikola Gruevski’s Government!

- The immediate resignation of Marko Zvrlevski, the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia!

- The immediate resignation the Management team at the Macedonian Radio and Television!

- The establishment of a transitional government, that will be given a mandate to secure the necessary preconditions for the organization of free, fair and democratic elections!

This is the solution to the deepest political crisis ever witnessed in independent Macedonia, brought upon us by Gruevski’s government.

The transitional government will be obligated to ensure the complete separation of the ruling parties from the institutions they have occupied and their departization in all aspects and terms, as a basic precondition for democratic elections.

Persons who are under suspicion or against whom there is evidence for having participated in illegal and criminal activities cannot be members of the transitional government.

In parallel with this process, a public, transparent and unbiased investigation must be immediately initiated for the wiretapping scandal, with the involvement of the international community.

The political consequences of this process, dear citizens, will clear the path towards constitutional healing in the state. Freedom and democracy are humanity’s everlasting ideals and crucial values, whose foundations have been laid on the loves of 24,000 citizens of Macedonia during the painstaking people’s liberation saga. Today we face a new historical challenge: to bring them where they naturally belong! Let’s bring them back to our Republic of Macedonia!

And most importantly, by doing so, the Republic of Macedonia will continue to move forward, towards its historical destination: the European Community of equal and free citizens.

Once and for all, we will abandon the unrealistic illusions for certain “great” Macedonians. We will build a state of equitable citizens. We will build a European Macedonia.

Dear citizens,

SDSM and its coalition partners are decisively resolute to bring back freedom and democracy in the Republic of Macedonia.


This regime has run out of time!

I want to say to Nikola Gruevski, who still seems to be living in the dream that everything depends on him and on his closest associates:

- Do not entertain the idea of driving a wedge between the people;

- Do not instigate upheavals;

- Do not engage in threats and blackmails;

- Do not act upon the black scenarios concocted in your heads for destabilizing the state!

- We will not allow destabilization of the Republic of Macedonia!

- The game is over, Gruevski!

I also wish to make it known that this not the final public assembly. Other will follow. We will continue with our firm and unfaltering determination to fully reveal the Truth about Macedonia. 

What for?

For freedom, my friends! For freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of work, freedom of medical treatment and freedom of education. For the freedom of our own lives!

That’s the bright star that is guiding me, and that is why I chose to walk through this dark, thorny path.

Occasionally I hear people say to me: why did you need all this? You have a family, you are a mayor, became the president of the biggest opposition party; you could have stayed on the sidelines and not get involved in all this bother.

Could I have? Could I know and see what’s happening and keep silent?! Is that possible?!

No, I couldn’t. I can’t. I don’t want to partake in these atrocities that are robbing people of their smiles every day.

Can a person be happy alone? I am happy for not being alone in this. Look how many we are!

And if the problems are shared, the solution thereto must be shared as well.

Maybe we needed to go through this adversity in order to start anew.

Every winner wears his scars.

Together, we will put an end to this evil. This evil will never be repeated again!

We promised you evidence, we delivered it!

We promised you resoluteness, you witnessed it.

Tonight, I promise that we can and we must start from the beginning.

We can restore trust in the attainable and we must save Macedonia.

I ask one thing: all of us need to be at the height of our moral and human responsibilities and at these sensitive moments, all of us must demonstrate courage and care for the process that will follow.

Long live freedom!

Long live democracy!

Long live the Republic of Macedonia!

We continue...