Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 06.03.2015

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Press Conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 06.03.2015

Respected citizens, respected representatives of the media,

Today we will have a longer press conference and you will soon see the reason for that.


We had previously stated that Nikola Gruevski has stolen the elections and has maintained himself in power by falsifying the election process. For that purpose, contrary to the constitution and the laws, he has abused all state institutions and utilized unconstitutional and illegal mechanisms to control the state constituency.

Today we begin the process of revealing the truth about the electoral thefts made by Nikola Gruevski, together with handful of his close associates.

The scandalous, clear and specific evidence that will be revealed today show how this group in power, in the true sense of the word, is RIGGING AND STEALING the elections in the Republic of Macedonia.

Today, dear citizens, we start presenting the abuses committed by Gruevski and a closely-intertwined group in power in the course of the election processes and how the elections have been stolen, in a manner hitherto unseen on a global comparison.

We will disclose evidence about everything they have done: criminal offences committed by issuing false identification documents to people required to vote for VMRO-DPMNE; companies, including taxi companies, issued fines amounting to the thousands of Euros as a means of exerting pressure; brazen pressures being placed on farmers, public administration employees, teachers, and the most vulnerable category of citizens – those who are socially underprivileged. Evidence that will reveal abuse of pensioners; how form the position of power, they carried out mass abuse of institutions, which operated as campaign quarters for VMRO-DPMNNE in the course of the election processes and on the days of the election. You will witness inhumane and unacceptable pressures that go as far as the making of blood-curdling threats that “families might end up IN A DITCH”!

We start with several areas that are indicative of such abuses and election theft.

The first package, comprised of 5 conversations, reveal crimes related to fake voters and Nikola Gruevski and Gordana Jankuloska’s direct participation therein. These recordings feature:

1. Jankuloska’s admission that 50 people from Pustec have been enrolled as residing in an apartment of 40 square meters and that MOI HAS ISSUED THEM IDENTIFICATION CARDS, which, as Jankulovska herself states, has been agreed WHEN THEY WERE IN THE PRIME MINISTER’S CABINET!
2. An admission, in a conversation led by Janakieski, that in the Skopje-based Municipality of Gazi Baba, the same people, brought from Sveti Nikole, enrolled on the voter list in groups of 10 to 15 per apartment, are registered in several different addresses within the municipality and are voting on several occasions.
3. A conversation between Jankuloska and a MOI officer in which the latter reports that in a village with a very low number of voters, they have registered 42, even 44 people, as residing in one house!
4. A conversation between Gruevski and Janakieski in which the former refers to VMRO-DPMNE’s electoral defeat in the Municipality of Centar, and PERSONALLY concludes, and I quote: “If we had the people from Prespa in the first round, we would have finished the job”!
5. Jankuloska even mocking the people from Pustec, who had been brought in to vote in Skopje.
Here are the first five recordings.


The second package comprised of four recordings reveal the enormous pressures from Gruevski and his associates, over the business sector. These recordings include:

6. Instructions given to passenger and commodity transporting companies, by being blatantly told to attend joint meetings.
7. Inspections carried out by the Public Revenue Office under the direct order of Goran Trajkovski, for the sole purpose of exerting pressures through fines amounting to several thousand Euros imposed on grocery shops, and how preparations are being made for similar actions to be taken in the Turkish neighbourhood.
8. Orders issued directly by Mile Janakieski to suspend the license of a taxi company.
9. Inspections dispatched to Strumica to exert pressure and to threaten.
Here are the next four recordings.

Following are three conversations which reveal typical abuse of farmers:

10. Direct admission on the part of Mile Janakieski for having intruded in the wholesale farmer market stands.
11. Interventions and the selective approach of people close to VMRO-DPMNE, in actions for closing certain establishments.
12. Pressures exerted on farmers who have received state subsidies, by personally visiting them so as to obtain guarantees that they will vote for VMRO-DPMNE.
Listen to recordings no. 10, 11 and 12.

The next six conversations provide insight into the most cruel and inhumane manipulation of Nikola Gruevski toward citizens who are recipients of social welfare:

13. Janakieski’s instruction for making pre-election lists of people who are to be given social payments, in order to obtain their votes.
14. Lists of Roma people who are in need of social allowance.
15. How the Minister of Interior is involved in this whole process.
16. How arrangement of social allowance payments are being made.
17. Bags of flour being offered to bribe voters.
18. Jankuloska’s demand for a carefully designed and executed scheme for gaining Roma votes in Kumanovo and, ponder this, the Minister of Interior’s conspiracy to collect their biometric passports as a guarantee that they will vote for VMRO-DPMNE.
Here are the next six recordings.

The next four conversations, dear citizens, expose threats over the administration and the control established in the institutions. They feature:

19. Janakieski’s order to directors in Mogila and Novaci to pressure employees to vote.
20. Janakieski’s instructions to exert pressure on teachers to bring other people with them to the polling stations in the second round of voting.
21. The type of pressures suffered by employees in the Municipality of Centar.
22. Full control established over institutions in the City of Skopje: Public Transportation Enterprise, City Parking, Water-Supply Company, Universal Hall, schools.
Here are the next four recordings.

(Recordings no. 19, 20, 21, and 22)

Here is something about their control over the media. More information on this topic will be revealed in the coming days. Today however, we provide several examples that have taken place during the election period.

23. The owner of TV Kanal 5 offers Gruevski’s Chief of Cabinet, Martin Protoger, to cancel a show which has been already produced from being aired, or shut down the electricity at the television station during the time of its broadcast.
24. How a pre-arranged interview with Nikola Gruevski for TV Sitel is realized until midnight, and how arrangements are made regarding content to be broadcasted on MTV.
25. The servitude demonstrated by Dragan Pavlovik-Latas and offers he has been made by Ministers in Gruevski’s Government.
Here are their conversations.

In continuation, listen to the scandalous intrusion in the State Electoral Commission on the part of Nikola Gruevski and his associates!

26. Arrangements for the Voters List for the Municipality of Centar to be stolen, in order to know who has voted and who has not.
27. A conversation between Gruevski and Janakieski in which, in order to ensure a second round of voting, an order is issued personally by NIKOLA GRUEVSKI, that AS MANY AS POSSIBILE INVALID BALLOTS BE CREATED!
28. Jankuloska instructs Janakieski to revoke the election results at polling stations in Kumanovo, in the same manner as they have done in Strumica.
Listen to these three recordings.

The last package of conversations, are indicative of the typical abuse of the institutions for political party goals.

29. An order issued by Irena Miseva, from the Board of Directors at T-Mobile, and appointed as Chairperson of the City of Skopje Council by VMRO-DPMNE, TO DISCONNECT A TELEPHOPNE NUMBER OF SDSM’S ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTIONS!
30. Gordana Jankuloska’s utterly scandalous admission that a floor at the MOI building has been transformed into, and I quote, “CAMPAIGN QUARTERS FOR VMRO-DPMNE”, while the Ambassadors are received in another hall so they could witness that “EVERYTHING IS OK”!
31. Janakieski asks Spiro Ristovski to arrange the approval of “problematic pensions”.
32. MOI institutions being turned into election campaign quarters.
33. Jankuloska arranges a motion of criminal charges against SDSM.
34. Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov discussing “what tone” they should use in public about the elections and whether they should admit incidents that happened on the election day.
35. Gordana Jankuloska arranges with Vasil Pisev that the election results in Strumica should not be endorsed in those polling stations where the results reports “are tight”, so they can “drag people by their ears” to vote in the second round.
36. Jankuloska’s statement that Roma people will be brought out to ballot booths “by their ears”.
37. Jankuloska agrees with Janakieski the invalidation of ballots in the Municipality of Centar, because they are losing.
38. You will also hear an atrocious, inhumane threat on human life addressed to the President of the Football Federation and his family members, which could all end up IN A DITCH, all for the purpose of political party promotion and party interests.
(Recordings no. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 38)

Dear citizens and media representatives, this is who we are dealing with. You have listened to people assisting Gruevski and acting as accomplices in these illegal and unconstitutional activities to commit ELECTION FRAUDS, SET-UPS AND CLASSICAL THEFT OF ELECTIONS.

You will hear more of their election crimes in several cycles to come. What you heard today is not all there is, there are wiretapped conversations featuring far more atrocious and unimaginable things than those presented today.

Hopefully, SDMS’s positions about what is happening in the State are clear by now, and will become even more crystal clear, lest there still be any dilemmas that this government is led by a criminal group headed by Gruevski and his cousin Mijalkov.

I invite you to come to the Universal Hall in Skopje on Tuesday when we will present the most important, most blatant and most audacious acts of election theft committed by Nikola Gruevski and his associates.