Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 27.02.2015

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Press Conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 27.02.2015

Dear citizens, dear journalists

We have revealed and presented to the public undeniable facts as part of the project called “The Truth about Macedonia”.


Cousins Nikola Gruevski and Saso Mijalkov have performed unauthorized mass wiretapping, thus abusing their authorizations and using all state mechanisms and apparatus for their personal interests, with the ultimate goal of establishing complete and utter control over everything in the state.

That is the only way in which these people maintain themselves in power.

It is clear is why Nikola Gruevski, alone and without anyone by his side, held a press conference where he presented lies and unrealistic and contradictory theses. His very survival is at stake and that is why he continues to lie to the public.

Meaningless phrases about some tactical equipment, cloned systems and foreign services, all for the purpose of demonstrating that he has been threatened. He has been threatened?!

At the press conference held two days ago, in addition to putting himself in the role of manipulative police spokesperson, Nikola Gruevski desperately begged the public, asking them to close their eyes and ears to the atrocities of his governance to which they have been presented in the past few days; asking them to believe him that he is not a brute and neither are the actions of his associates brute.

Today, dear citizens, we will disclose new evidence that will completely unmask Nikola Gruevski’s true face.

You will hear this person’s cruelty and revengeful manner and how he, together with his closest associates, is prepared to extirpate anybody and everybody who does not share his views.

Dear citizens,

Immediately after the 2011 elections and the closure of A1 Television, under the direct request and order of Nikola Gruevski, FijatCanoski’s multi-million investment, the building complex “Cosmos”, was leveled to the ground!

The ultimate goal of this action was political revenge against Fija Canoski.


Nikola Gruevski, in person, initiated and oversaw the entire action for demolishing this building. For that purpose, Gruevski personally ordered changes to urban plans, suggested use of party-installed people in the judiciary, and arranged media sensations and manipulations to justify his actions before the international community. Listen and you will be convinced. The conversations take place between the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mile Janakieski, at the receiving end, and Nikola Gruevski, at the issuing end of the orders.

In the first conversation, you will hear Nikola Gruevski dictating the exact time when the decision on demolishing the Cosmos building should be delivered to the investor FijatCanoski. As instructed by Gruevski, that should happen around “three or four” o’clock in the afternoon.

In the next conversation, Janakieski is given guidelines by Gruevski for leveling the Cosmos building to the ground. Gruevski commissions Janakieski to make changes to the Detailed Urban Plan and to modify the spatial plan in order to turn the construction site into “a park with fountains”.

Several minutes later, Gruevski has a change of mind and has come up with a new idea for his revenge against Canoski. In order to wipe out the Cosmos building, Gruevski requests Janakieski to change the General Urban Plan and the Detailed Urban Plan.

Next you will hear Gruevski’s instructions to Janakieski about the start of demolition activities on the Cosmos building. Even the date of such actions is set by Gruevski. In his assessment, he says that it would be best to set the date after the Government assumes its new term of office, thus preventing the opposition to leave the Parliament because of this case.

In the next conversation with Janakieski, Gruevski makes a final decision that it would be better to demolish the Cosmos building “during the summer hiatus”, and issued new instructions for the start of activities, on 1st August.


The next conversation between Janakieski and Gruevski takes place in the midst of the demolition activities. Gruevski is not satisfied with the results being delivered, saying that “insignificant damage” has been made to the building. In addition, this conversation confirms that Gruevski’s has installed his people in the judiciary. When Janakieski informs Gruevski that a judge has arrived at the site, which may mean the possibility of having a court order issued to prohibit the building’s demolition, and that Basic Court Skopje 2 is the competent court for this matter, Gruevski instructs Jakanieski, quote, “call the highest ranking person [at the court]”!

The next conversation, in its entirety, shows the true, revengeful and unscrupulous, face of Gruevski. He is delighted with the procedure and the dynamics of the demolition activities.

The conversation between Janakieski and Gruevski you are about to hear provides irrefutable confirmation of Gruevski’s act of revenge against Canoski, in-law to A1 TV owner Velija Ramkovski. Gruevski is pleased with the results delivered and stats “now that he is incapacitated, our job is done”.

The last conversation fully unmasks Nikola Gruevski. He is not interested in anything else, but revenge: neither the international community’s  reaction, nor respect for the law and the rule of law. The only thing he is interested in is finding justification for the crimes he is committing.

This is, dear citizens and media representatives, the true face of Nikola Gruevski - a brute. I will not use other words because nobody should spread hatred. I will only say this...

This the Gruevski who, assisted by the Big Ear of his cousin Mijalkov, annihilates everything and everybody standing in his way, out of frustrations and for the purpose of revenge and pursuit of personal interests.

Dear citizens,

We will not allow this to ever happen again. We promise, we will not allow this to be repeated ever again!

However, the truth about Macedonia will be revealed in its entirety.

Nothing will stop us in this endeavor!

We continue!