Press Conference: President Zoran Zaev - 20.02.2015

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Press Conference
Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM
Skopje, 20.02.2015

Dear citizens,

We promised that we will reveal the Truth about Macedonia and we continue today.

As we have said, each new round of evidence disclosed will be more shocking and more astonishing for the Republic of Macedonia. Especially because what Gruevski and the close circle around him had done to the citizens, the state, the media and the political opponents is atrocious and goes way beyond what any normal person can imagine.


You have heard that the two cousins, Gruevski and Mijalkov, pursued mass wire-tapping. You have learned about how they intruded the judiciary, pursued mass appointment of judges, and arranged judicial and prosecution rulings. You will learn and see more atrocities about the judiciary in the days to come.

However, what you are about to hear today equals utter horror!

The conversations will undoubtedly demonstrate what the cousins Gruevski and Mijalkov are prepared to do, together with a handful of close associates. They will prove that we are held hostage in our own state, deprived of judiciary, deprived of system, which have been instructed and concerted by the said tightly-knit group, i.e. the family of Nikola Gruevski. And for what purpose? For personal gains and for retaliation!

Dear citizens,

Today, we reveal to the entire public in Macedonia the politically staged case of Ljube Boskovski.

You will hear how Ljube Boskoski’s arrest was planned in advance. You will see how the playwrights and directors of this scenario, i.e. Director of the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence, Mijalkov, Minister of Internal Affairs,Jankuloska, Chief of Gruevski’s Cabinet, Protoger, in an inhumane and voyeuristic manner, in cooperation with the editor in chief at TV Sitel, Dragan Pavlovik Latas, and the owner of TV Kanal 5, Emil Stojmenov, produced а cinema-worth apprehension of Boskoski, in order to completely humiliate him, thus horrifying the public and the viewers with images created.

Given the fact that conversations are disclosed without interventions therein, i.e. as they happened in the reality, we would like to apologize in advance for profanities present in the audio materials that will be played. They are indicative of the manner in which people in power behave and speak.
Being one of the most wire-tapped persons by Gruevski and Mijalkov, the following conversation of  Dragan Pavlovik Latas with the Director of ASCI, Saso Mijalkov, reveals that on the day Boskoski was arrested, the second collocutor knows how many years in prison Ljube Boskoski will be sentenced to.


The conversation you heard has taken place one day after the elections, when Boskosski was arrested.
However, as early as the Election Day, Mijalkov notified Latas about what will happen afterwards.

Next two conversations are classic evidence that Gruevski’s cousin, Saso Mijalkov, ordered what and how to be covered by television outlets. The personal and family retaliation against Boskoski did not end with his arrest. Ljube had to be humiliated. This is what Mijalkov needed from Latas.

The conversation taking place between the owner of TV Kanal 5, Emil Stojmenov, and Saso Mijalkov further confirms the public secret of Mijalkov having orchestrated television coverage of the events. Moreover, this conversation provides evidence of something more horrifying: Boskoski had been arrested in an act of retaliation.

In the meantime, Mijalkov and Jankuloska manage everything else in the state. The next conversation, between Jankuloska and the Chief of Gruevski’s Cabinet, Protoger, reveals that road traffic controls are not as random as they might seem, especially at times of protests, thus demonstrating what MOI is preoccupied with.

The solutions are simple: technical inspection and problem solved, i.e. prevented participation in the protests.
Government’s crimes and set-ups do not end with putting Boskoski behind the bars and ordering broadcasting of humiliating images on television. Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Progoter also arranged what news should be implanted in television broadcasts, under the veil of “TV Kanal 5 Learns”. Listen.

Just imagine what kind of people these are. They plant information to be broadcasted by television outlets, and even arrange the format of news, i.e. the formulation “TV Kanal 5 Learns” that Ljube Boskoski wanted to sell the name of the state. Such scenarios are used on daily basis and practices thereof are blatantly admitted. Summit of the entire horror movie they filmed around Boskoski is the unmasking of their paramount goal: to take over LjubeBoskoski’s political party and - pay attention to the word they use - to “extirpate” all people who are not theirs. To “extirpate” all people who are not theirs. That is the grand idea of today’s VMRO-DPMNE!

Anything else in that action is irrelevant.

Here is the last conversation between Jankuloska and her close associate and MOI spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski, concerning journalist information that a child had been murdered on the square, the deceased Martin Neskovski, which clearly is not important for Jankuloska and Kotevski. All they care is the extent of “violent” footage to be broadcasted in prime time news programmes, and they use defamatory word when referring to journalists. Listen.

These people: Gruevski, Mijalkov and handful of their associates, invade the lives of citizens by wire-tapping. They abuse the institutions to “extirpate” people, to incarcerate and to humiliate them, so they would feel grandiose, all the while committing unprecedented constitutional and legal violations of their offices and official duties. By pursuing complete and utter media control, they write scripts and make movies of the reality.

We know that they have no regard for responsibility. We saw that they feel no shame. Today, the entire public can witness that these people are also void of any humanity.

Each new round of disclosing evidence and arguments will further clarify the image about the bruteswho are governing Macedonia. What follows, will make the situation more and more clear.

We will not allow them to extirpate Macedonia. We promise that this will never happen again in the Republic of Macedonia.

We continue...