The Truth about Macedonia: Third Disclosure

сабота, 21 февруари 2015, 13:02

The Truth about Macedonia: Third Disclosure

The Arranged Arrest of Ljube Boshkovki

SDSM President Zoran Zaev released the third batch of phone-tapped materials Friday confirming long-standing allegations that the arrest and eventual trial of a right-wing opposition party leader Ljube Boskovski in 2011 had been staged by the highest levels of government. Boskovski was arrested on June 6, one day after the 2011 Early Elections with allegations for illegal campaign financing.

Throughout the election campaign he has revealed and criticized the political and business interests of the Secret Police Chief Saso Mijalkov. The recordings reveal shocking and prodigious proof that Mijalkov had instructed and orchestrated Boskovski’s arrest as vengeance for the latter’s continuous attacks during the electoral campaign.


In the first recording released, Mijalkov and pro-Government Sitel TV news editor Dragan Pavlovic Latas gloat over Boskovski’s arrest and the police’s inhuman treatment of the detainee. After providing Latas with details of the arrest, Mijalkov goes on saying “I told you I was going to start arresting starting Monday [June 6, 2011].” The conversation makes it clear that the arrest has been undertaken in retaliation for Boskovski’s conduct during the electoral campaign, but even more shockingly, Mijalkov provides details on the judicial outcome of the case. “He won’t come out [of detention] until he serves his sentence… He’ll get eight years for this”, the Secret Police Chief says. Boskovski was eventually sentenced to seven years in prison in first instance.


The second material released relates to a conversation Mijalkov and Latas had a day earlier, on Election Day. Responding to Latas’ exit poll estimations, and possible parliament majority combinations, Mijalkov says “Even better things will happen. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow – when it happens you will see what I meant”. Boskovski, serious VMRO-DPMNE opponent, especially in the right part of the political spectrum, was arrested the following day.

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The two conversations that follow unambiguously confirm that PM Gruevski’s cousin, Saso Mijalkov ordered TV content. The personal and family vengeance against Boskovski did not end with his arrest. Ljube Boskovski had to be humiliated. In the first conversation Mijalkov urges Latas to follow Kanal 5’s example and air “better footage… there’ll be footage of him getting in and out of court tonight. But [we must show him] laying down, down on the pavement, like a bull.” In the second, Mijalkov orders Kanal 5 TV owner Emil Stojmenov, to air the original footage of the arrest, without blurring or editing. “Don’t worry we aired the sequence when they stuck a gun in his mouth at the Five O’clock news,” Stojmenov repies. The recording also confirms that Mijalkov had announced the retaliatory arrest of Boskovski before hand, but additionally gives an insight into the arbitrariness of the Secret Police Chief’s actions. “Do me a favor,” Stojmenov says “arrest Ljubco [Georgievski, former PM and VMRO-DPMNE leader, then president of a right-wing opposition party]. And then, we’ll be done!”


Ordering media content was not only Mijalkov’s expertise. In a recorded conversation released at SDSM’s press conference, Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska and PM Gruevski’s Chief of Cabinet Martin Protoger audibly discuss that Kanal 5 TV should leak lies that Boskovski had tried to “sell the Name”. “Let’s keep it for tomorrow or the day after. I have to file the criminal lawsuit today, I have to push that through so tensions don’t arise, but it will be a whole different story once he is in Sutka [detention center near Skopje].”

The conversation also confirms the political interest behind the arrest. Namely, Protoger informs MOI Jankulovska that he will take over Boskovski’s local party committees and destroy the party in a matter of week. “That’s great, but we have to make a list Martin. We have to annihilate them all,” Jankulovska replies, confirming that there is no separation between state and party when saying “we can’t allow people who were sending us up the wall during the campaign to be on government payroll… His entourage, for example, they won’t work at MOI. They won’t work anywhere… And all those that were in his frontlines… we have to read them a lesson. Same goes for the Communist bastards… We have to do a detailed analysis by the time the new Government is formed and clean them all.”


In the last conversation released, MOI Jankulovska and MOI Spokesperson Ivo Kotevski discuss the materials that the Ministry should supply printed media with regarding Boskovski’s arrest. Obsessed with the media coverage of Boskovski’s arrest, they insult journalists inquiring about the murder of Martin Neskovski, a youngster killed by MOI employee and part of Jankulovska entourage during VMRO-DPMNE’s victory celebration after results were called in.

The recordings released Friday unambiguously demonstrate that Gruevski and his associates have hijacked the institutions in order to “annihilate” and imprison their opponents, to showcase their importance and greatness by prodigiously violating the Constitution and the laws, their duties and obligations, while creating and manipulating the reality and the public opinion though total media control.

Zaev promised SDSM will take all necessary democratic measures to bring all this to an end.