The Truth about Macedonia: Massive and Illegal Phone-tapping by the Government

вторник, 17 февруари 2015, 13:25

(Opposition Reveals the First Set of Incriminating Documents)

The Macedonian opposition leader and SDUM President Zoran Zaev has revealed evidence that more than 20,000 people (1% of the overall Macedonian population) have been phone-tapped by the Macedonian secret police (Security and Counterintelligence Service), under the direct command of its chief Saso Mijalkov and the Prime Minister (and his cousin) Nikola Gruevski.

Zaev has presented evidence that he had been phone-tapped for at least 4 years, in spite of legal provisions stipulating that these special investigation measures can be in place for maximum duration of 14 months. He presented a CD, containing more than 300 of his conversations, phone-tapped in just a short period of time and promised to send them to the Public Prosecutor. At the press conference, he shared audio excerts from five of these conversations: with a journalist, two members of Parliament, his associate from the municipality of Strumica (where he is the mayor) and with his daughter.

Additionally, he presented excerts from phone-tapped conversations of leaders of 4 other political parties (3 in opposition, one – a junior partner in the government), but also of the Ministers of Interior and Finance. Other materials at Zaev’s disposal show that the secret police had phone-tapped all opposition leaders, journalists, NGO activists, businessmen, foreign diplomats, but also Cabinet ministers and MPs.

The phone-tapped conversations leaked from the secret police offer evidence of wide-spread abuse of power, not only in terms of phone-tapping, but also in terms of government control over the judiciary and the media, lost separation between party and state, corruption and electoral fraud.

For all other information – look at the full transcript of Zaev’s press announcement (sent to you last week).

The next day, SDUM filed lawsuits against Saso Mijalkov, Goran Gruevski (Technical Operations Unit Chief in the SCS), and unknown perpetrators, employed by the Security and Counterintelligence Service (SCS).

The massive illegal wiretapping is in clear breach of articles 17, 18 and 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, stipulating freedom and secrecy of communication, and guarantees to the privacy, dignity and honor of citizens.