SDSM’s major postulate is that people are good, they want freedom and equality, but they also need solidarity. Every human being is an individual person, equally worthy as any other human being. Any human being, each of us, deserves a chance to realize his/her own dreams for better life. Opportunities cannot be chances only for few, or the majority, but for all. Therefore, citizens deserve political solutions that are stable, progressive and prosperous. Solutions that will continuously lead the country to a better tomorrow, better life, stronger economy, technical modernization, reduction of poverty, enhancement of personal freedoms, equality, stable and equitable society, professional administration, developed and independent municipalities, preservation of the environment, regional cooperation and full integration in international organizations.

History clearly teaches us that the left wing in Macedonia has always been fearless and progressive. It was exactly these postulates and the enormous respect for our ancestors that compelled us to commit ourselves to build independent Macedonia.  Even today we do not retreat from our ideas. We do not escape from the responsibility of the past as well as from the responsibility to face the challenges of the future - to build the state and fight for better future. State interests have always been a priority for us, not only those of today but those of tomorrow. Instead of populism we offer pragmatic and real political solutions. Our dedication to the development of Macedonia is our major motive, while courage and progressivity are our main features. Patriotism and love to our homeland are our lodestars.

SDSM Program is our political platform and our vision for the development of the country. We are dedicated to seeing a new, different, better Macedonia within 10 years. We want to see Macedonia economically developed, without poverty, with employed and socially secured citizens. We commit ourselves to improving personal freedoms, higher collective rights and people treated equally by institutions that function in line with highest professional standards. We strive for equality and equity for all citizens and equal representation of women in all spheres of society. We commit ourselves to higher political culture, strong and critical public debate in independent media, tolerance of diversities and active citizens that will be included in adoption and implementation of the political solutions be it personally or through their association. We call for better relations and cooperation with all our neighbors. To that end, we work to see Macedonia as full-fledged member of NATO and EU.


  1. Development of democracy and freedom.
  2. Equality and solidarity are foundations of society.
  3. Respect of dialogue and tolerance.
  4. Every right bears responsibility.
  5. Corporate governance and new partnership.
  6. Socially accountable market economy.
  7. Peace and security through regional integrations and international cooperation.