Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia (SDMM) was founded on 9 November 1991 and since then it exists and functions as youth forum of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia.

It is founded as organization of free and responsible members recognizing both SDSM’s Statute and program objectives and SDMM’s Statute and program objectives. As party youth, it has taken active part in all SDSM activities including creation of the Party program and policies while developing independent political initiatives and dialogue among young people and other subjects in the society.

For that purpose, SDMM develops forms of political, interest and professional engagement in order to affirm the ideological foundations, values, democratic contents and progressive orientation of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia.

Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia is focused on implementation of the following political principles and objectives:

  • full respect of the individual, his/her dignity and fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • development of pluralist and just society founded on the postulates of social democratic solidarity;
  • development of economic democracy and fulfillment of workers’ rights;
  • observance of social and national emancipation of all citizens;
  • advancement of Macedonia as a sovereign and democratic state with full compliance to the Rule of Law;
  • ensuring the respect of human rights and freedoms of Macedonians in the neighboring countries and developing continuous spiritual and cultural communication with them and all other members of the Macedonian Diaspora;
  • empowering the European perspective of Macedonia and its imminent accession to the European integration processes.

Taking into consideration the actual economic and political situation in Macedonia, the Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia is actively included in the promotion of SDSM’s new political platform presented in the Solutions for Macedonia Program.

For that purpose, SDMM today strives for ensuring: development of democracy, improvement of freedom and promotion of equality; development of sound economy, stable standard of living and reduction of poverty and unemployment; creation of new social agreement; reduction of the social gap and increasing civil participation; reinforcement of the institutions of the system by introducing standards for professionalism and efficiency: promotion of a model of corporative governance in the promotion and implementation of political solutions; higher level of cooperation between the public and private sector; higher level of cooperation between authorities and citizens; cherishing political culture of dialogue and tolerance as an instrument for bridging over political, religious, ethnic and other divisions existing in Macedonia; and to that end, full and successful integration in NATO and EU.

To that end, we call all young people, who want to see our country economically developed and socially secure, to support us and take active part in our activities. Our call goes out to all young people who believe that NATO and EU integration will promote state security and give opportunities for economic development and all of those who take pride in the fact that Macedonia is home to different peoples and cultures that peacefully coexist and cooperate.

All young people want a better future; All young people love Macedonia!


Phone: +389 2 3293141
Fax: +389 2 3293141
Address: Bihacka 8, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia