SDSM’s Communication Centre is focused on informing the Macedonian and international public on all activities pursued by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia through the use of appropriate modern communication methods and tools.

By establishing and maintaining communication with all stakeholders in the society, the Center for Communication ensures and promotes public debates and exchange of opinions and ideas, which are not only basis for SDSM action but also challenge for resolving all problems currently challenging the Macedonian society.

SDSM’s Communication Centre strives to employ the following tasks and objectives:

  • Open approach – access to information and transparency;
  • Regular information through press releases with affirmative, informative and reactive content;
  • Organization of public appearances, statements, press conferences, interviews and forums;
  • Broader presentation and affirmation of SDSM positions;
  • Regular and timely communication with the media and presentation of party stands on issues of general concern;
  • Coordination of media and public appearances of all SDSM representatives;
  • Maintenance and update of SDSM’s official website primarily aimed at keeping its informative and multimedia character, paying special attention to its modern image, high level of interactivity and two-way communication with site visitors.


Phone: +389 2 3293101
Fax: +389 2 3293111
Address: Bihacka 8, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia