SDSM’s Analytical and Research Centre concentrates its efforts on continuous collection of information (analytical records), their processing and appropriate interpretation.

Analytical filing implies detailed analysis of political events and the activities of political players on the level of public appearance, presentation of political views and operational action, as well as systematization of research data. Information is processed based on in-depth and systemic analysis of precise issues, aspects and subjects that include political, economic, security, social, ethnic, cultural and religious factors.

Based on these segments and relying on modern analytical methods, the Analytical Centre drafts analyses, reports, assessments and recommendations to be forwarded to the SDSM leadership.

Determined to deliver better outputs, the Analytical and Research Centre engages in continuous cooperation, coordination and consultation with experts from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.



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Address: Bihacka 8, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia